Turquaz Balloons is one of the newest hot air ballooning companies in the region of Goreme, Cappadocia. We started the operation in 2013 as Maccan Balloons, and now operating under Kelebek Group. Even though our priority is the safety we highly value the customer service. Picking up from the hotel to dropping our passengers back we promise the highest possible quality we can. Turquaz Balloons has one of the smallest capacities in the region when it comes to ballooning. We try to keep our capacity smaller so we can provide better and safer flights to our passengers. Even though we have a chance to fly bigger baskets our goal is to fly smaller baskets where all of our passengers have a chance to move around in the basket, take pictures as they wish and also take the landing position safely.


The balloons in the region has 4 to 32 people capacity in general and the average is 28 people baskets. Our inventory includes 4-8-16-20 people baskets only and our company policy avoids us from buying bigger baskets even though they are more profitable in the long-term. Turquazs’ pilots change the take-off are everyday depending on the wind. Everyday before the flight begins, our pilots look for the best take off area by checking the wind direction and the flight zones. Traffic in the air is also taken into consideration since it is a lot safer to start the flights with less balloons around. Turquaz has been providing the most boutique and private hot air balloon rides over Goreme,Cappadocia. Our team is ready to take you up on a trip that will be the highlight of your Turkey trip.


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What time? Can I fly if I am pregnant? Do you allow children to fly balloons? What should I wear? How long does a balloon flight last?